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Specialising in Soft Glam and Natural Bridal Makeup Styles

Three little known facts about our Jen

1. This year is Jen year! She’s taking the plunge from Miss to Mrs over in Ibiza this coming May! If you want to talk your socks off about 2024 wedding trends Jens you lady. 

2. Mother of Sausages! Move over mother of Dragons, you’ve got nothing on Jennifer. She’s been raising two little sausages for longer than it took to watch the whole of Game of Thrones.

3. Jen is a Golf ⛳️ Widow. If you know you know. 

A Bit About Me

Jenni's fascination with makeup began during her NVQ studies in Beauty Therapy at College. She has since undergone extensive training under the tutelage of accomplished Soft Glam Makeup artists, including Kate Hayes, Gracie's Glams, Holly Power, and Yasmin James.

Jenni is a highly esteemed makeup artist, renowned for her meticulous artistry within the beauty industry. Her remarkable talent has earned her a prominent position in the world of glamour, where she consistently delivers mesmerizing looks that surpass expectations.


Beyond her personal accomplishments, Jenni also oversees The Glam Bar, a thriving beauty hub located in Hereford, cementing her status as a successful beauty entrepreneur with years of experience. 

Continuously refining her craft, Jenni has honed her skills with a keen eye for detail, particularly in creating stunning eye makeup and flawless glowy skin. Be prepared to be captivated by Jenni's enchanting journey, where her makeup magic is sure to leave you spellbound.


Mesmerising makeup for the modern bride
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