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Specialising in Goddess Makeup Looks and Soft Glam - if you want a look that oozes Hollywood Glamour - Robyn's your lady

Get to know Robyn a little better with 3 fun facts.


1. I’m a Professional Mermaid 

2. I have 2 degrees and don’t use either of them

3. I can hold my breath for 4 minutes

A Bit About Me

Meet Robin, a makeup artist extraordinaire who weaves her magic in the world of beauty. With a commitment to perfection, Robin has become a sought-after name in the industry, specialising in a spectrum of looks from natural to glamorous. Her versatility extends to the realms of special effects (SFX), setting her apart as a true innovator.


In the realm of bridal makeup, Robin understands the profound importance of enhancing natural beauty. Her artistry is dedicated to creating bespoke, timeless, and elegant looks for those special days. A master of soft glam makeup, one of her signature looks is the ethereal goddess. Robin's journey to excellence includes training with industry luminaries like Nicola Harrison, celebrated for bridal expertise, and Yasmin James, renowned as the Queen of Glam.


Beyond bridal beauty, Robin excels in crafting stunning looks for special occasions and photoshoots, skilfully balancing glamour and softness. Her creative flair shines through in fashion and avant-garde makeup, where she fearlessly pushes boundaries to bring unique looks to life. From Halloween transformations to SFX mastery, Robin possesses the skills to turn her clients into any character or creature they desire.


Whether it's a wedding, christening, birthday anniversary shoot, or party, Robin's expertise transforms every occasion into a canvas of beauty. Book her, and let her artistry elevate your special moments to unparalleled heights.


Our Signature Aesthetic

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