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WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MY BRIDAL PREVIEW? I advise booking your trial 2-4 months before your wedding date where possible. ​ Your bridal trial will take around 2 hours. I advise wearing a colour similar to you wedding outfit, with a similar neckline, this way you will be able to see what the makeup looks like against your bridal colours and we can ensure your makeup blends seamlessly with your skin. It is also helpful for me if you arrive with your normal day to day makeup on. If you would like to bring along photos of makeup you have seen that you like or even of yourself with a look you'd like to recreate then please do as this will all help towards achieving your desired makeup. Pinterest photos can be highly edited, please remember this when selecting your inspiration.  ​ We will start with a skincare consultation where we can address any skin concerns you may have and then go through any tweaks we can make to optimise your skincare routine pre-wedding to get your skin into the best condition in the lead up to the big day - the best foundation to any makeup is skin :) I am an Environ Skincare specialist and can offer tailored facials at The Glam Bar as well as recommending both Environ and high-street brands as homecare. ​ Following on from skincare we can talk about all things wedding - YAY! Any information you give me will help me build a picture of your day, your style and your overall look. The style of your dress, how you're having your hair styled, wedding colour schemes and flowers can all play a part in this. I'll also take the time to learn a bit about where you're getting ready, your venue and also your bridal party. ​ Then we move onto the really fun part - the makeup. Using a range of carefully selected products from Cruelty-Free  brands such as Charlottle Tilbury, Jane Iredale, Bobbi Brown, Hourglass and Elf to name a few. I will take detailed notes, photos and videos to make sure we can recreate the perfect look on your wedding day.​ ​ Currently I hold trials Wednesday and Friday between 11am and 5pm at The Glam Bar, 1 Station Mews in Hereford, alternatively I can travel to you for an additional travel fee.


WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT ON THE WEDDING MORNING? On the day I will travel to your desired location - Its important when thinking about where your getting ready that you allow for plenty of space for your glam squad to set up, some venues have specifically allocated spaces for this so if they do make the most of it. If not then table space for all of our kit, room for a makeup chair and plenty of  natural light is what we need top give you the very best experience we can. Big windows are our favourite places to set up in front of.  ​ This is your time to relax and enjoy the build up on one of the best days of your life and I am so happy you have considered me to be a part of it. I really do love a wedding morning and strive to make sure you and your bridal party have the best experience. I will be on hand right up until its time for you to go and get wed for any last minute touch ups you or your bridal party need. ​ I will go above and beyond to ensure your morning runs smoothly often doing non makeup related tasks like making the bed just for you to jump on for the getting ready photo snaps, holding and drying flowers and helping people get dressed. Hair and photography timings are taken into consideration to ensure your morning runs smoothly and on time. When thinking about a schedule for the morning its helpful to let us take control, we do this all the time and can work alongside your other suppliers to get this just right. Its a fine art we've honed over many years. We will aim for you to be hair and makeup ready with one hour to spare so you have time to get dressed, breath and have some photos. With your permission I will take some photographs and videos of you and your bridal party for you and for my portfolio once you are all ready. Brides makeup will take around 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes and bridal party members will take 30-60 minutes per person. ​ I like to get the brides makeup done 2nd or even 3rd to last so that you have the time to enjoy and soak up the morning without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by everyone else being ready when your not. Don't worry I always stay to do any touch ups before you leave so you can get yourself a good breakfast and sip that prosecco!


HOW FAR IN ADVANCE SHOULD I CONTACT YOU? Ideally 12-18 months prior to your wedding is the optimum time to be in with the best chance of securing me for the wedding date, but there is never a wrong or right time to enquire, if your interested then scroll down to the contact form below and send me a message. Even if you need me tomorrow its always worth asking.


HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN YOU MAKE OVER? This depends on so many factors, but mainly ceremony time, location, venue change, budget, additional assistant makeup artists and hair stylists can all play a factor, as well as how early you and your bridal team want to start your day. We will cater for as many as we possibly can but its good to bear all these factors in mind. The more of you, the earlier you'll have to get up is the general rule; its not unheard of to start makeups at 6am!

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