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1-1 Makeup Lessons

1-1 Makeup Lesson
£150 for 2 Hours

A personalised Makeup Lesson to teach you about makeup looks that suit and enhance your natural beauty. Starting with your skincare routine, we can create a bespoke plan to optimise the products your using and I can recommend anything your missing or would be using. A specialist in Environ Skincare, but also recommending other high-street brands. We can the discuss and create a staple day makeup look which blends effortlessly into an elegant evening look with just a few tweeks! 

Working together to find which colours, tones and style suits you.

Making your beauty shopping easier, and your knowledge in what makeup and skincare compliments you when it comes to trying and changing your makeup looks.

Time to revamp your makeup bag, diving into the depths and looking at what items we can keep and utilise and what should of been thrown away years ago- its time to learn what makeup you really should be wearing to make you feel confident, empowered and feminine.

A comfortable 1-1, step-by-step makeup lesson where you'll get hands on in creating a look you'll feel comfortable and confident in recreating time and again once you leave me. A process that will set you up on the next step in your makeup journey and make you feel more confident in yourself and when it comes to buying new makeup and skincare.

Personalised LookFantastic Discount Code so you can grab a bargain.

We can record the lesson for you to playback if you wish and I will send you detailed personalised notes after.

Everything personalised to YOU!

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